Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alternate Star Wars Posters

News is slow this week with the Holidays so check out these alternate Star Wars posters from the Mondo company!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA!! Comics Of The Week

Yet another Batman book hits the shelves this week and Hellboy returns! Yep just two books I picked but check it out anyways!

Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Written By David Finch
Art By David Finch & Scott Williams
Comics superstar David Finch takes full creative control (both writing and illustrating!) on this brand-new Batman monthly series! Joined by the best of the best — Scott Williams — on inks, this new series is sure to be on everyone's must-read pile! Delving into the more supernatural and esoteric areas of Gotham City, the 6-part storyline explores the horrific murder of one of Bruce Wayne's childhood friends...and the terrible ramifications the brutal crime has on Batman's life! 

Hellboy: The Sleeping and The Dead #1

Written By Mike Mignola
Art By Scott Hampton
Hellboy must prevent a vampire revolution in this first collaboration between Mike Mignola and Scott Hampton! While chasing a giant bat through the forest, Hellboy meets an old man with insider knowledge of the coming vampire apocalypse. Mike Mignola and Scott Hampton (Batman, The Books of Magic) open up new doors to terror as they unveil thrills and chills in this gothic tale that’s totally in the vein of classic vampire horror! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Kill Han And Chewie Now!

If you recently purchased the "Battle For Endor" DLC pack for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, then you may be aware that you get to kill two iconic characters from the original trilogy, Han Solo and Chewbacca.  The DLC is not considered cannon and are done in a "what if" fashion.  The original Force Unleashed game featured DLC where you killed Obi-Wan and Luke so this is more "what if" fun!  Check out the video below.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Video Game Report - Arkham City Screenshots, DC Universe Release Date

DC Universe Online finally has a release date.  January 11, 2011 on the PC and Playstation 3.  DC Universe Online will carry an anticipated retail price of US$59.99 for PlayStation 3 and US$49.99 for PC in North America. The game includes one 30-day game membership, with monthly subscriptions available thereafter for US$14.99. For customers playing the PC version of the game, DCUO will be included in SOE's all-in-one Station Access subscription. Sony Online Entertainment expects to update the game regularly with new episodes featuring iconic DC Comics characters, new instances and major in-game events.  As a traditional action-based MMO that combines fast-paced, twitch-based combat with an interactive physics system to deliver a new and unique gameplay experience, DC Universe Online brings the DC Universe to life, allowing players to create their own superheroes - or villains - and join forces with their favorite DC Comics characters such as Superman, Batman and The Joker to aid in saving - or destroying - the universe.  DC Universe Online is rated T for Teen by the ESRB with the following content descriptors: Mild Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes and Violence. For more information about DC Universe Online, visit

Batman: Arkham City won't hit stores till late 2011 and the anticipation is already through the roof.  Here's three new awesome screen shots to drool over while you wait.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blood & Concept Art Battlestar Style has posted some concept art from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica spinoff television movie, Blood & Chrome.  Very cool stuff!  The spin off will feature a young William Adama. Synopsis: Ensign William Adama, barely in his 20's and a recent Academy graduate, finds himself assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet ... the Galactica. The talented but hot-headed risk-taker soon finds himself leading a dangerous top secret mission that, if successful, will turn the tide of the decade long war in favor of the desperate fleet.

SWAGAPALOOZA!! Comics Of The Week

Comics still hit the stores Wednesday, just bringing you the picks a day early with the holiday weekend ocming up and here they are!

Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1

Written By Geoff Johns
Art By Brett Booth
Cover by Gene Ha 

It's Brightest (Christmas) Day! What do you want for Christmas? Orange Lantern Larfleeze wants everything — including Santa Claus himself! And nothing, not even the heroes of the DC Universe can to stop the Orange Lantern from getting what he wants! Plus, you won't want to miss the strange holiday season shenanigans starring the rest of the Orange Lantern Corps! Superstar writer Geoff Johns and artist Brett Booth team up for an unbelievable sleigh ride adventure! 

Ultimate Comics:  Doom #1
Written By Brian Michael Bendis
Art By Rafa Sandoval
The enemy has revealed itself and the Ultimate Universe has been rocked to its very core.  Now, the surviving heroes must put together the most bad-ass covert ops team ever if they have any chance of catching up to the enemy before he/she strikes again.  Ultimate Doom is a story you have never seen in a Marvel Comics, and we promise you--no hype--the Ultimate Universe changes forever. The dynamic duo of Brian Bendis (Mighty Avengers) and Rafa Sandoval (Avengers Initiative) bring you the concluding tale in the Ultimate Enemy trilogy-and it'll shock you beyond belief! 

Justice League Of America #52
Written By James Robinson
Art By Mark Bagley

With Washington, D.C. in the hands of The Omega Man and the full extent of his horrific power revealed, the JLA is forced to make a difficult decision. Is there no choice for the World's Greatest Heroes but to team with the World's Worst Villains – the Crime Syndicate – in order to save both Earths? How will this desperate action be affected by Ultra Man's betrayal of everyone. . . and the reappearance of Dark Supergirl?

Superman/Batman #79
Written By Chris Roberson
Art By Jesus Merino

Get ready to go back to the 853rd century as SUPERMAN/BATMAN visits the world of DC ONE MILLION! What dangerous foe threatens to destroy both the 853rd and 21st centuries? Find out here in the first part of a 2-part story by Chris Roberson (I, ZOMBIE) and Jesus Merino (JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA)!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Legacy Of Tron Finally Hits Theaters

The highly anticipated Tron Legacy hits theaters today.  Go see it and enjoy!  Also enjoy this cool poster and modern trailer for the original Tron.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Clone Wars Season 3 Part 2 Preview

Season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is in full swing and it gets going again in January with new episodes.  Here is a preview of the second half of the season.

Superman Has Lightning Bolts In His Costume

No Superman doesn't have lightning bolts in his costume, unless you count the time he changed into some sort of lightning guy but anyways, after all the recent concept art form the never made Superman Lives leaked out, now comes some test footage from the proposed costume from the film featuring a weird lightning effect in the costume.  Superman Lives was to be directed by TIm Burton and I for one am glad it never got made.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA!! Comics Of The Week

It's Wednesday and time for the cool comics you will find this week!

Brightest Day #16

 Written By Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi
Art By Ivan Reis

The hottest series in comics blazes on as the legacy of the new Aqualad is forged and the extent of his powers is revealed! Plus, Aquagirl joins the battle, and Firestorm seeks out the Justice League's help! Tables are always turning. Expectations are always shattered. How much more chaos is in store before this rollercoaster ride ends? 

Star Wars Legacy: War #1

Writer John Ostrander
Art By John Duursema

Darth Krayt has returned from the "dead," stronger, more evil, and more determined than ever to crush the galaxy under his heel. With Emperor Roan Fel's Imperials, the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi, and even some of his own Sith followers arrayed against him, Krayt would seem overmatched--but his enemies have not reckoned with the power of the dark side!

If Cade Skywalker was ever going to run from his legacy, now would be the time!

Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513

Written By David Liss
 Art By Francesco Francavilla
In the wake of Shadowland, there's a new protector of Hell's Kitchen! T'Challa will create a new life, a new identity, and learn what it is to be a different kind of hero. But with Daredevil gone, the bad guys are coming out to play, and a new nemesis — Vlad the Impaler — plots his bloody rise to power. Be there as national best-selling author and Edgar Award Winner David Liss and the pulp master Francesco Fracavilla (Zorro, Green Hornet) begin a shocking new chapter for the world's most dangerous man! 


Superman Secret Origin Deluxe Edition

Written By Geoff Johns
Art By Gary Frank
Writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank bring you a startling new look at the beginnings of Lex Luthor, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Lois Lane, Metallo, Jimmy Olsen, The Parasite and more of your favorite characters from the Superman family in this new, deluxe hardcover. Collecting the acclaimed six-issue miniseries!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shell Head Will Be Looking For A New Director

As you may have heard by now director Jon Favreau will not be directing Iron Man 3.  Rumors are abound on weather or not it was money, or even an issue with Robert Downey Jr, or even possibly he wasn't happy with Marvel Films forcing him to make Iron Man 3 a sequel of sorts to the upcoming Avengers movie.  Either way he's out and someone else will eventually be in.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Video Game Report - December 13

The V.G.F. Report or Video Game Friday Report is now simply known as The Video Game Report and will show up randomly just like the other features at the Comicpalooza Blog.  For today we have a couple of very cool trailers to show off from upcoming games as well as a bit of news..

The first is the upcoming downloadable title based on the popular series of films, Back To The Future: The Game.  The title will be available soon and released in five episodes.  Check out the trailer below.

Second is the reveal trailer for Mass Effect 3.  I'm still playing part 1 and can't wait to play part 2, but this reveal trailer for the trilogy's conclusion is quite amazing.  It was also revealed that ME3 will have a simultaneous release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

     The new Mortal Kombat game will hit this April on the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.  When it launches it will be available in three different versions: the standard release, a Kollector's Edition, and a Tournament Edition. The Kollector's Edition will include Sub-Zero and Scorpion figurines, an art book, and a downloadable classic costume skin and avatar outfits. The Tournament Edition will be limited to 20,000 copies in North America, and it will include a portable fight stick, in addition to an exclusive downloadable classic costume and avatar outfits.
      In addition to choosing which version's bonuses to get, consumers will also have a choice when it comes to retailer-specific preorder incentives. WBIE announced deals with three retailers that will see customers get playable classic costumes, as well as an original fatality for a specific character. GameStop will give players the classic costume and fatality for Scorpion, with Best Buy claiming the same for Sub-Zero, and Amazon offering those bonuses for Reptile.
Exclusive content is a theme for the latest installment in the long-running fighter. WBIE has also revealed that God of War protagonist Kratos will be a playable character in the PS3 version of the game.  Kratos isn't the only PS3-excluisve planned for the game, as the version of Mortal Kombat for Sony's system will also feature stereoscopic 3D support.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Batman: Arkham City Trailer

Straight from the Spike Video Game Awards comes the world premiere trailer for the upcoming sequel to Arkham Asylum, titled Batman: Arkham City.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Thor Trailer

The first trailer for Thor has arrived!

The Titans Wrath is Coming

Liam Neeson confirmed in an interview that the sequel to Clash Of The Titans will be called Wrath Of The Titans.  Liam Neeson will reprise his role as Zeus. He said that the script for this mythological adventure is still being worked on, although they will start shooting next March:

"I've only read half of the script and there is still some work being done - they're on script 10 - but I think it's going to be some kick-ass stuff and a very human story to it. We will start next March. I'm very much looking forward to it. It's a whole revamping, you know."

Sam Worthington is returning as Perseus and Wrath Of The Titans is expected to hit theaters in 2012.

Clone Wars Retro Poster

Several theatrical screenings this week are being held to air the new Clone Wars episode titled "Savage Opress", featuring revelations to the origins of Darth Maul. The episode will air in a few weeks, but at the event this cool retro poster was given away.  Unfortunately there was not a screening in Houston!

Cowboys & Aliens Trailer Commentary

A couple of weks ago you all saw the first trailer for Cowboys & Aliens, Jon Favreau sat down with MTV and did a commentary for the trailer!  Pretty cool so check it out here..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thor Teaser Poster

Here's the first poster for Thor.  The trailer is expected tomorrow!

Trailer Park: Clash Of The Titans (1981)

Welcome to the return of Trailer Park.  A semi new regular feature here at the Comicpalooza Blog where I look at a classic film by simply checking out some poster art and showing it's classic trailer shown to audiences in theaters.  Today it's the original Clash Of The Titans.  The film is a cheesy guilty pleasure classic for a lot of people and the last of the great stop motion effect movies.  It's 2010 remake was fun but doesn't have the charm of the original.  So here is a look at some poster art for the film and to top it off, it's trailer.

The DVD Update: The Dead Come Home

Here's a quick DVD Update featuring a couple of important titles.

The Walking Dead
Release Date March 3, 2011

This amazing series hits home with the first seasons way to short six episodes.  It will at least tide us over until next October when season two hits, and let's hope it's loaded with extra features.  This is a must buy for anyone in the world!


Release Date February 1, 2011 Blu-Ray Only

Before Christopher Nolan went into our minds in Inception or drove Batman to the edge in The Dark Knight, he directed this superbly crafted story abut a man who couldn't remember things for more than a few minutes at a time.  It will keep you pulled in from the beginning until it's climax when you ask yourself, did he kill his wife or didn't he?

Batman: Arkham City Teaser

We are almost a whole year away from getting to play this game, but the sequel to Arkham Asylum is on it's way and here is a brand new brief but awesome trailer for Batman: Arkham City.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Teaser Trailer

Here's the first trailer for Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.

Superman Flyby Art & Doomsday

Recently more concept art from Superman films that never happened have made it's way to the net.  Included is a piece of art featuring Doomsday that was done for Bryan Singer's Superman Returns or a possible sequel.  The rest of the art comes from concepts based on J.J. Abrams abandoned Superman: Flyby script.  Interesting to check out in the lease so here you go.

Cowboys & Aliens Go International

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters next summer and here is a new international poster for the film.  Look for a nice Cowboys & Aliens presence at Comicpalooza this May!

Ghostbusters Are Still Sliming

While rumors continue to fly of a third and pointless Ghostbuster film, the Ghostbusters continue to ahve sucess in comics, action figures and video games.  Last years Ghostbusters: The Video Game was a good bit of fun and now a new four player co-op game is coming to the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade next year.  So yes it will be download only and not in stores.  Check out the trailer below.

SWAGAPALOOZA! Comics Of The Week

Here's the funny books you will find at your local shop this week!

Let Me In: Crossroads #1

Written By Marc Andreyko
Art By Patric Reynolds
Being forced to spend eternity as a vampire — trapped in the mind and body of a child, with slaughter the only recourse for survival — is torture enough. But when Abby finds herself faced with a ruthless real-estate tycoon willing to do anything to get at the property she and her caretaker call home, far more monstrous torments await. In a small community torn apart by vicious men who are consumed by greed, wrath, and envy, she will learn which deadly sin is truly deadliest.

Detective Comics Annual #12

Written by David Hine
Art by Agustin Padilla

What starts as a Batman, Inc. recruitment trip soon turns into an international incident as The Dark Knight encounters a string of bizarre murders in Paris, France. Featuring both Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as Batman, this extra-sized spectacular guest-stars The Question and spotlights the debut of a new Bat-ally!
In part 1, Bruce, Dick and Renee Montoya are presented with a series of cryptic clues, which lead them to the underground catacombs of Paris — and the most unexpected of assassins! Continued in this month's BATMAN ANNUAL #28!

27 #1

Written By Charles Soule
Art By Renzo Podesta

Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison. All belong to the “27 Club,” which admits only the most brilliant musicians and artists…and kills them dead in their 27th year. Will Garland is a famous rock guitarist, secretly unable to play for months due to a neurological disorder afflicting his left hand. He’s also 27! With mad scientists, long dead rock legends and cosmic entities in his way, can he make it to 28?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Lantern Co-Writer Talks Easter Eggs & Cut Clark Kent Cameo

Marc Guggenhelm is the co-writer of the upcoming Green Lantern film and recently had a few things to say about easter eggs in the film and the cut Clark Kent cameo. 

He first speaks about the actors performances:  "Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are so good together it is ridiculous. Peter Sarsgaard is unbelievable. People are going to draw comparisons in his performance to Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight.' It is just that good. Mark Strong is ridiculously great. The cast is amazing. The look of the movie is unlike anything you’ve ever seen — and it needs to be. That’s what the concept requires. I think it’s going to be really spectacular."

The Cut Clark Kent Cameo: "Without trying very hard, you could probably find the leaked script on the internet. The Superman cameo is in the leaked script. It survived several drafts. Ultimately, it was cut for budgetary reasons. We took it out in one of our later drafts. After my interview with you, of course. The Clark Kent cameo is still near and dear to my heart. I really wanted it to be in the movie. You never know — it can still happen. If Tom Welling has a free hour or two, you never know."

Easter Eggs: I think there will be plenty of Easter Eggs in the movie on other fronts. I’m a sucker for those. I’m the voice for those. I’m always thinking we can fit in that name or we can fit in that character. I’ll always do that. I can pretty much promise that Ch'p will not be in the movie. Martin’s favorite Lantern, who is in the movie, is Bzzd. The funny thing is, from our very first meeting with Martin, he came onto the project and really knew his stuff. He was able to quote Lanterns and said 'I love Bzzd' from the start. I was like, 'Okay, I guess Bzzd is in the movie.'"

Green Lantern hits theaters in June 2011!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Green Lantern Video Interviews

This video has surfaced from comic-con with new interviews with the star of the upcoming Green Lantern film, Ryan Reynolds and it's director Martin Campbell.  Check it out!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Joker Will Not Be In The Dark Knight Rises

Rumors have been running rampant this week that Christopher Nolan was going to use cut footage of Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight Rises.  Nolan has finally spoken and said that this is absolutely not true.  He did confirm that Tom Hardy is in the film but no further details as of yet as to what it will be about.  Most likely though, it will be amazing.  The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in 2012.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA! Comics Of The Week

New books hit most stores on Thursday this week due to the holiday last week and here is what you will find.

Wolverine The Best There Is #1

Written By Charlie Huston
Art By Juan Jose Ryp
When Wolverine faces a problem of the villainous kind there's a good chance that he'll use his Adamantium claws to whip up a lethal solution to it.  What happens, though, when he faces an opponent who becomes a much bigger problem if he's killed?  Enter: Contagion, a bold new addition to Wolverine's rogue's gallery.  But first, Logan must contend with Contagion's defenders, the aptly named crew known as the Unkillables. 

Batman Orphans #1

Writen By Eddie Berganza
Art By Carlo Barberi & Juan Vlasco 

Robin's been found dead! And that's not an easy thing to face - especially when you're Tim Drake! In this pre-Red Robin tale, Tim and Batman must solve the murder of an impostor Robin and follow the trail of someone putting together a new team of teenaged sidekicks made up of kids who've been promised that they'll become the new Robin...if they survive! 

Brightest Day #15


The hottest series in comics blazes on as the legacy of the new Aqualad is forged and the extent of his powers is revealed! Plus, Aquagirl joins the battle, and Firestorm seeks out the Justice League's help!