Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA! Comics Of The Week

New books hit most stores on Thursday this week due to the holiday last week and here is what you will find.

Wolverine The Best There Is #1

Written By Charlie Huston
Art By Juan Jose Ryp
When Wolverine faces a problem of the villainous kind there's a good chance that he'll use his Adamantium claws to whip up a lethal solution to it.  What happens, though, when he faces an opponent who becomes a much bigger problem if he's killed?  Enter: Contagion, a bold new addition to Wolverine's rogue's gallery.  But first, Logan must contend with Contagion's defenders, the aptly named crew known as the Unkillables. 

Batman Orphans #1

Writen By Eddie Berganza
Art By Carlo Barberi & Juan Vlasco 

Robin's been found dead! And that's not an easy thing to face - especially when you're Tim Drake! In this pre-Red Robin tale, Tim and Batman must solve the murder of an impostor Robin and follow the trail of someone putting together a new team of teenaged sidekicks made up of kids who've been promised that they'll become the new Robin...if they survive! 

Brightest Day #15


The hottest series in comics blazes on as the legacy of the new Aqualad is forged and the extent of his powers is revealed! Plus, Aquagirl joins the battle, and Firestorm seeks out the Justice League's help!

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