Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trailer Park: The Killer

Trailer Park is back and slightly revamped.  With Trailer Park a classic film is spotlighted by movie posters and the films classic trailer!  Today Trailer Park presents John Woo's 1989 action classic The Killer. 

The Killer (1989) Recently a remake was announced to start filming soon and produced by Woo.  Many people out there have still not seen the original film and though it is a better film in some regards than Woo's better known Hard Boiled, it hasn't held up the same cult status that Hard Boiled has.  An extremely violent Hong Kong action film, this is the story of an assassin, Jeffrey Chow (aka Mickey Mouse) who takes one last job so he can retire and care for his girlfriend Jenny. When his employers betray him, he reluctantly joins forces with Inspector Lee (aka Dumbo), the cop who is pursuing him. Together, the new friends face the final confrontation of the gangsters out to kill them  The film has influenced film makers across the world with Woo's kinetic intense action scenes   If you love action and have not seen this film then check it out!  It was recently re-released on a two disc DVD and Blu-Ray set in the Fall of 2010.  In the mean time check out the film's posters  and trailer below!

Warning: Trailer Contains Some Violent Imagery

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