Monday, May 16, 2011

Smallville Comes To An End

Friday night, Smallville aired it's final episode.  Clark finally reached his destiny and became The Man Of Steel in what was ultimately a very satisfying conclusion to the series.  Hearing the John Williams theme at the end should have sent goosebumps down any fan's arms and the final reveal of the Superman symbol was a more than fitting way to end it all.  Here are a few screen shots from the final moments of a brilliant ending.

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oatmeal2348 said...

I gotta say i was actually disappointed in the finale. I enjoyed seeing Clark finally accepting both his human and Kryptonian heritage, learning to fly (finally!) and, yes, the John Williams score did give me goosebumps. But I was severely disappointed that we never saw Tom Welling in the full suit, just a couple of too-close close-ups and bad CGI long shots. Plus, we never saw any big battle between Supes and Darkseid, just a view of the 'Darkseid Planet' moving away from earth apparently giving everyone hope ... and don't get me started about the sitcom-ish security on Air Force One. Arrrghh! Too much too much ... I think i'll stop there.