Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Poster For The Avengers; Trailer Tomorrow

A brand new poster for Marvel's The Avengers has made it's debut today, and earlier we premiered it on our Facebook Page.  While the poster is ok, it looks like a fancy photo shop job, which unfortunately so many posters now days are.  And why the hell does Iron Man, and Captain America not have their masks on?  Better yet, why is Cap in the background??  In Europe the film will be called Avengers Assemble and you can see that poster below as well.  The new trailer for the film is expected to debut tomorrow!


Zorro2348 said...

It does look a bit silly, especially because the lighting and shadows don't quite match up.
I'm wondering how big Hulk will be, too ... I can't see what he's standing on so it's hard to get any perspective, especially since Fury is so small (but apparently on the same plane as Captain America.)

Pretty weak, overall.

Kevin Tumlinson said...

Sorry to say it, but this poster looks like something fan-made. Not a great composition.

So why is the film called "Avengers Assemble" in Europe? Does adding the word "Assemble" help clear up some kind of confusion?

SteveA said...

I'm going to guess it's in the actors contracts that their faces show up on any advertising.... silly actors!

Comicpalooza said...

Apaprantly they didn't want British audiences confused with the old television spy series The Avengers. True story from Marvel Studios.