Thursday, April 19, 2012

DC's New 52 To Release Zero Issues In September

This September will mark the one year anniversary of DC Comics' "The New 52" relaunch, and apparently the company is planning something special. Bleeding Cool has learned that for September, all 52 comic books will be numbered #0 instead of #13 (which will run in October). The zero issues will act as prequels to the first issues of their respective series, consisting of flashbacks, origins, etc. Instead of one month later, for example, it's more like five years earlier. Says Bleeding Cool, "This might be the perfect opportunity, say, in Batgirl to show what happened in South Africa. Justice League to show disparate superheroes working a case, but who never meet. Batman, to see where the Owls were the night that the Waynes were murdered. Stuff like that." Additionally, the site notes that there may be "some creator credit surprises" for these issues.

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