Thursday, June 2, 2011

The CP Blog Moves Forward And Beyond.....

The Comicpalooza Blog went online August 2010.  Through the first few months I have tried to bring the latest news in the industry of comics, movies, toys, and other things.  Now after my first Comicpalooza we move forward towards the 2012 con and I hope to make the blog even better.  I have learned a lot so far and will continue to make improvements.  Perhaps soon I will bring some friends along for the ride to help blog and give their insights into things.  There will be more feature stories and more original content.  I'm also going to tweak the template a bit so bear with me if things get messy while I "fix" things. 
     And while I'm at it, let's do a brief meet your blogger for all the new fans that Comicpalooza gained after this year's con.  That's me in the picture with my beautiful wife Mary.  My name is Mark by the way.  Turns out I went to high school with one of the guys on the CP staff and well here I am and I'm loving it.  I've already met some great people while working on Comicpalooza  and look to meet many more!  Stay tuned as the rest of 2011 unfolds and we move into 2012.  We have so much to look forward to with Green Lantern in a few weeks, Captain America, and new movies from Batman and Spider-Man next summer
     I hope to start a Comicpalooza Blog Facebook soon but for now my Facebook is here, just let me know your a CP fan otherwise I may think your a stranger trying to steal my Star Wars toys.   You can also follow me on twitter @igatherspeed  Thanks and talk to you all soon!

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