Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trailer Park: The 90's Batman Films Part 1 - Batman (1989)

Trailer Park returns spotlighting the 1980's/90'sBatman series.  This will be a series of four editions as we look back at the original four Batman films.  It starts with one of the most classic comic book movies of all time, Tim Burton's Batman.  Most people either love or hate this movie, but most have fond memories of it.  For many of us, it was the first "real" comic book movie we ever had.  We stood in line for hours to go see it, we were amazed at just seeing Batman and Joker on screen and most of us own it in some form for home entertainment.  The marketing for the film as far as posters goes was very simple.  It featured the gold Batman logo as the a teaser poster and the final poster simply added the credits.  You can see the teaser to the left and the final poster below.  The trailers are typical 1980's style trailers making sure you know who the stars of the film are, and that it would feature a real live action Batman film! 
     The film was of course a huge success at the box office and went on to spawn three sequels.  Batman Returns was received well also as was Batman Forever.  the fourth and final film in the "first" Batman series of films, Batman & Robin, is forgettable in almost every way.   As forgettable as the fourth film is, it will still be featured in this Trailer Park series.  Painful I know, but we will allg et through it together! Christoper Nolan is currently filming his conclusion to the "second" series of Batman films with The Dark Knight Rises next summer.  Nolan's films may be far superior to the 1980's/90's Batman films, but they hold a special place for most fans and will always be remembered in the hearts of those fans for years to come!  Enjoy the classic trailers for the film and look for part two featuring Batman Returns soon.

Batman Teaser Trailer

Batman Theatrical Trailer

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