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Comicpalooza 2011: Alexander Rae Interview

Comicpalooza 2011 featured many unique and amazing costumes throughout it's three days this past May.  One such costume wearing patron was Alexander Rae.  Now Alexander not only dresses up like Clark Kent, Superman, and even Green Lantern, but he has an amazing resemblance to the man who made all of us believe a man can fly, and that is Christopher Reeve himself.  Alexander recently took some time to speak with the Comicpalooza Blog to give us his thoughts on a few things!

Hi Alexander!  You were a big hit at Comicpalooza this year, what did you think of our little convention here in Houston and did you have a great time?

Oh thanks a lot, yes I had a blast, there was so much to do it was overwhelming, within time I can see this becoming a very big Convention. The level of variety at the show was amazing from the comedic wrestling, to roller derby, Martial arts show down, the movies. The ghostbusters were a blast as always and it was so impressive that panels were going until late into the night. I doubt you will be able to call it little for much longer. Overall though I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to attend it again

Your resemblance to Christopher Reeve is amazing. How/when did you get started? Did someone just say, “Hey Alexander, you know that you look like that guy who played Superman? “

I remember being told of the resemblance when I about 16. I always took it lightly with a grain of salt, never put to much more thought into it and carried along with my day until I was 25. I decided to attend the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Il. I first heard of the Celebration when I was 20, but always had obligations until last year. With little to lose and not much going on, I decided to travel up there just to see what would happen. The response was overwhelming and its been a pretty wild trip so far that has took me all over the country. I dont think this trip will end soon either.

Cos-play at conventions has become extremely popular but what was unique with you is that you had multiple “costumes” as you transformed into Superman. Clark one day, “S” Reveal Clark the next day, then the Man Of Steel! Care to comment on that?  

I guess you missed my Green Lantern then. I like to keep things fresh, and all of the characters you mentioned are tied in together. Which makes it work. I am lucky enough where I have the physic that matches the looks of the characters. Each different “costume” yields different results from the fans, and that makes attending so much worth it.

You go to quite a few conventions over the year, what are some of the crazy reactions you get from people? The funniest? The weirdest? 

That's true, I do attend a fair amount of conventions and the spectrum of reactions is quite vast. From producers doing double takes to giving people goose bumps. There will always be double takes, sometimes I am surprised when fans show me their camera and there I am but it is from a convention a few months back. Also a little strange is; and this has happened a few ties, going to a bar and someone coming up to me asking if I was at Con XYZ. Or am I the guy from ,,,,.

Were you a Superman fan growing up?

Yes, but I wasn't a huge fan, I was just as much a fan as your typical American boy growing up. Always enjoyed the movies but never made a real connection to what I am doing now. Superman is an iconic figure, he is America's fabled hero.

What is your favorite Superman movie? Why? And what was your favorite moment in that movie?
I think the first Christopher Reeve film from 1978 was the best. Everything in that movie really set the bar and made people believe. From the music, to the acting it all seemed to really sync in with itself

Who is your favorite Superman actor? 

Firstly let me say I think that Brandon Routh and Dean Cain did a great job. I am a little partial being that I got to meet Bob Holiday who did the Broadway series back in the early 60's. What Christopher Reeve did with the character though was amazing, he portrayed two roles very impressively. he Performed the two roles to the point that audiences fell in love with him and really set the bar up high for whoever to portray him again.

Did you ever get the chance meet Christopher Reeve?  

No I did not, I was still in elementary school when he had his accident and was never in a circle where I would have had the opportunity to meet him,afterwards.

What would you say to him if you had a chance to meet him today?  

I don't know if their would be anything in particular I would say to him, rather I would want to listen to what he has to say. The man led a really interesting life, and still has an effect on people today. I have met several people who knew him personally and also that have benefited from his and Dana's foundation. And to still be leaving an impression on peoples lives long after you have past away. When I walk around in his likeness I do want to do it with a high level of respect towards Christopher Reeve and his family. As well as the Character of Superman, Joel Schuster and Jerry Seigel. To be able to wear the cape is a special. Sometimes its not really important what you have to say in a conversation but what you are able to walk away from it with.

What do you think of the upcoming Superman film being directed by Zach Snyder and starring Henry Cavill?

I am looking forward to it. Especially since they are rebooting the comics. From what I heard it looks as they are taking their time with it and doing it correctly. I know they start filming this august and the film should be out in december of 2012. I have not had the time to watch Henry Cavill in theTudor's series. As for Zach Snyder, I have seen a few of his films, thought they were all good. Either way both individuals have a huge task in front of them and it sure isn't an easy one.

Were you a fan of Smallville and if so, did you watch the finale and what did you think of it?

I am not a big fan of watching TV so I only caught a handful of episodes online. Especially the last group leading up to the series finale. To be honest it was a little disappointing from what how I viewed it on various levels. They had an hour and a half to play with and came up with some tying some loose plot points together which should ve been started in the wedding episode before had, not to be used as a lead in. the fight scenes were very weak and the lack of character development into a an all out superhero after a 10 year stretch was weak. I could understand where Tom welling came from about not wearing the suit, but it didn't even look like he gave it much of a chance. I am not saying it was not enjoyable but I don't foresee myself buying the disc set when it comes out this christmas.

Thanks for your time Alexander! Is there anything else you would like to say to Comicpalooza Fans?

I had a lot of fun, met some great people, huge thanks to Brad West from for inviting me. I hope everyone can visit my site and like my Fan Page on Facebook

Thanks again to Alexander Rae for taking his time to speak to us and we look forward to seeing him at Comicpalooza 2012!

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