Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trailer Park : The 90's Batman Films Part 2 - Batman Returns (1992)

Welcome to a new edition of Trailer Park.  The look back at the 90's Batman films continue with part of the series spotlighting Batman Returns!  Batman was a huge hit so a sequel was only natural.  Michael Keaton would return as Batman, and the villians this time would be Catwoman and Penguin played by Michelle Pfeiifer and Danny Devito respectively.  Tim Burton returned to the directors chair and once again the movie would be a smash hit at the box office.  The title was a bit weird because I'm not exactly sure where Batman was returning from except back to theaters, but the film worked and many believe it to be better than it's predecessor.  It would be Burton's last turn in the director's chair for a Batman film as well as Keaton behind the mask. Keaton was the only man to play Batman twice until Christian Bale who is currently filming his third Batman film for Christopher Nolan.
     The plot was a bit preposterous, as The Penguin wanted to take over Gotham city by becoming it's mayor and using mechanical penguins to attack the city.  All very comic bookish in only a way that Tim Burton could pull off.  And believe it or not the studio wanted even more camp and comic book like for the third film and that's one of the reasons Burton walked away from the franchise.
     Marketing for Batman Returns stayed with the darker tone that Burton's Batman films featured.  The posters featured character posters for the Batman and the villians, as well as a classic teaser poster (see above).  The trailers also stayed with the dark tone presented in the film.  Check out the posters and trailers below, and next time I will take a look at the franchise's turn into a more colorful comic book movie with Batman Forever!

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