Friday, November 5, 2010

The V.G.F. Report

Video Game Friday is back!  This may become an every other week column with industry news a bit slow right now since it's all about the new holiday releases.  but have no fear, any big video game news will always be found here!  So a little game called Call Of Duty Black Ops comes out next week.  You may have heard of it and well before it even gets released, Activision confirmed that the next COD game is already on schedule for Fall 2011! You can view the launch trailer for Black Ops below!

XBox Kinect

The Kinect launched yesterday, with Microsoft expecting to sell 5 million units by Christmas.  Seems a bit high because I have a lot of friends that play Xbox and none of them plan on getting it.  The 150 dollar price point for a add on is a bit steep for some people.  The technology is very cool and it should do well as more games come out for it in the future!

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