Friday, November 5, 2010

What If Superman Returns II Happened?

The Superman franchise is of course moving on with Zach Snyder directing.  But in a recent interview screenwriter Michael Dougherty said has revealed details in what would have been seen in a sequel to Superman Returns if he and Bryan Singer had made it. 

     Promising first and foremost that the sequel would have been action heavy, Dougherty explained that it would have revolved around a group of Kryptonians who come to Earth and, while they wouldn't have been outright evil a la General Zod, they would have challenged Superman's views of his role on Earth. 
"Brainiac was always intersting," Dougherty also teased, regarding what classic Superman villains he would have included in the screenplay.
The Trick 'r Treat director also offered some hope for fans who would like to see Brandon Routh again don the cape and tights, though admits that he doesn't have any specific insider knowledge.
“I’m sure they’ll talk," he said, referring to the upcoming Warner Bros. production, "... at least I’d like to think so”.

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