Monday, September 19, 2011

Trailer Park: The 90's Batman Films Part 3 - Batman Forever (1995)

Welcome to Trailer Park!  When last I left you we were taking a look at the 90's Batman films.  Trailer Park, if you don't know, takes a look back at classic or not so classic films by showing off their movie posters, and trailers for the film!  With the third chapter in the Batman franchise, Tim Burton would depart as director and Joel Schumacher was in.  Batman Forever was the title and the very cool poster tot he left might be the coolest thing about the film.  The film series would take a much noticeable change in looks with a more "comic book" approach, meaning a bit more campy and silly.  Michael Keaton was out as Batman and Val Kilmer was in.  Mega star Jim Carrey was added as the Batman nemesis Riddler along with Tommy Lee Jones as Harvey Dent/Two-Face.  Robin would be introduced to the series also and was played by Chris O'Donnell, which might be the only saving grace of the film.  Yes the film is pretty bad.  Back in 1995 a lot of us liked it, but that was before Christopher Nolan showed us how it was done.  Or maybe you never liked the film, either way it was a huge hit at the box office and led to the fourth and most awful film in the franchise, Batman & Robin, which will be featured in the next Trailer Park. 
     Marketing for the film would again use character posters highlighting the heroes and villains of the story.  The film would open during the summer blockbuster season and would also feature a highly popular soundtrack with a hit single from artist Seal.  Problems apparently occur ed often on set, mostly due to Val Kilmer being a not so nice guy to work with, and high production costs to get the film done on time.  The overall product is by no means the worst comic book movie ever made, but it's not that great either.  The film has some nice moments, and at the time it was all we had until Mr. Nolan came along!  Check out more posters below and trailers for Batman Forever!

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