Monday, September 27, 2010

The DVD Update

So what's up with the latest in DVD releases?  Iron Man 2 hits stores tomorrow and it officially kicks off the Fall Holiday season for DVD/Blu-Ray sales as all the big summer movies will hit over the next few months.  For the record Target seems to have the best deal on IM2 at 18 bucks for the Blu-Ray or the DVD version!

24: The Complete Series & 24: The Complete 8th Season  In Stores December 14

24 ended it's run on a pretty decent note with an exciting season.  24 was very very good at times and other times it was like "oh no not another mole in CTU! Nooooo!!" .  Kiefer Sutherland's jack Bauer was a great character and was the reason to watch the show.  It was action packed, exciting, well acted, and some of the highest production values for a television show ever.  The entire series hits in a huge box set as well as the final and last season.  Look for them just in time for Christmas

Batman Beyond The Complete Series
In Stores November 23

While not as good as the original 1990's Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond still held it's on and was pretty good at times also.  now you can sit down and watch the entire series again and again!

Despicable Me
In Stores December 14

I didn't see this but I have heard it was hilarious.  It comes out in multiple versions with tons of extras.  The kids will love it and the parents too since we are all just big kids!

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
In Stores November 9

I have never read the comic book and didn't see the movie either.  I'm not sure if the movie just looked dumb to me or I'm sick of Michael Cerna and just want to have him stand there and throw pebble at him and watch him flinch.  I can't decide.  But it has a huge following of fans and it hits DVD and Blu-Ray just before Thanksgiving.  So watch it and give thanks that Tron Legacy will be in theaters just a few weeks after this hits DVD.

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