Monday, September 13, 2010

How Dangerous Is A Zombie?

Yahoo ran this short little fun story and I'm going drop it in the blog here because it fits with the 2011 Comicpalooza theme of Zombies.  Read it.  Check it out.  Watch for Zombies!

(From It's a little quiet today -- too quiet. You can't get a signal on your phone, there's nothing but evacuation reruns on TV, and the only thing emptier than the streets are the shelves at your local grocery store. If you're thinking this sounds a lot like the apocalypse, that's because it is. And everyone knows that with an apocalypse comes your dedicated legion of zombies.
But then the question becomes: what kind of zombies will you be facing? Is it the classic undead zombie of "Night of the Living Dead," the alien-possessed automaton of "Slither," or a diseased killing machine from this weekend's "Resident Evil: Afterlife"?
We've put together a guide to help understand the dangers of some of Hollywood's most gruesome zombies. For some you'll stand a chance, while with others we wish you the best of luck. Either way, you'll be well prepared should you encounter one while scavenging for survival.
Which type of zombie would you not want to be caught with in an apocalypse?

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Where is Diary of the Dead?