Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spider-Man Promo Poster

The new Spider-man reboot movie hits theaters in 2012 and will be in 3-D.  Sony released this promo poster for promo art usage leading up to the film.  For a reboot the font sure looks like the original trilogy of films.  Maybe they don't want to distant themselves from the Sam Rami films all that much or maybe Sony's marketing sucks.  Either way I think the whole thing is a bad idea and would rather have seen Spider-man 4 even if they had to recast it all

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papa zero said...

Not only is it the same font - but the costume design with the chainmail pattern on the material was unique to the most recent movies.

A reboot and a recast with such a distinct resemblence in details like this feels like a strained attempt without the benefit of knowing the changes to the concept. The only way I see this really taking off and exceeding fanboy expectations is if they make it Marvel Continuum heavy including other characters and crossover elements from other flicks both released and yet to be seen.