Thursday, September 16, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA Special Report!

I didn't do any regular comic book picks this week because it's a fairly slow week at the shops so instead we have a look at another one of Marvel Comics bone headed moves.  Marvel these days seems to not realize that the answer to selling comic books is to tell good stories.  Instead they are looking for the next "concept" story to sell more books.  I can't help but wondering if the things we are seeing from Marvel are a result of them being bought by Disney.  Vampires in the X-Men and other places in the Marvel Universe?  Hulk Vs Red Hulk for the upteenth time? And Dr. Doom is still trying to take over the world?  When I pick up a DC book lately I realize the stories they are telling lately are the reason I love comics in the first place.  They are science fiction, fantasy, and adventure all in one with characters you grow with and come to appreciate, respect, and love!  From Batman, to Green Lantern, to The Flash and more DC is doing things right lately, but more on that in a moment!

In their latest move to revive a boring character and to sell books, The Black Panther is replacing Daredevil in Black Panther, the Man Without Fear! he is taking over Daredevil's role as protector of Hell's Kitchen in the aftermath of Shadowland. Being presented by novelist David Liss and artist Francesco Francavilla, the series will keep the Daredevil series' original numbering, debuting as Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513 in December. T'Challa, the Black Panther, finds himself in a post-Shadowland Hell's Kitchen trying to pick up the pieces that Daredevil left in his wake. Can he become a true man without fear in this brand new environment? 

Are you freaking kidding me?  Daredevil has always been a very interesting character. His problem was that a lot of writers didn't know how to handle him.  That all changed with Brian Bendis, and then Ed Burbacker.  They were the first writers that knew how to handle Daredevil since Frank Miller int he 1980's.  The Black Panther on the other hand has never been interesting or cool!  Having him take over for Daredevil is not a good idea and it will sell well for the first few issues, until people realize how lame and boring he is, the book ill sink, just like every other Black Panther monthly book Marvel has produced over the years.  Maybe Marvel will prove all wrong but I don't have my hopes up.  They seem to be searching for whatever sells lately instead of going for quality and writing great comic books unlike there competition.

If you haven't picked up a DC book lately, do yourself a favor and try them out.  I haven't read one that I haven't like but when I see Marvel books at the shop lately I flip through them and can't believe the stuff they have done with the characters we grew up with.  DC's Blackest Night crossover last year was the best crossover I had read in years and perhaps there is some good stuff in what Marvel is doing.  I have not read them I will admit, but when I see what they are doing when there are vampires on the cover of the X-Men I can't help but cringe.  And now The Boring, I mean Black Panther replaces Daredevil!  The saying use to be "Make Mine Marvel", not for me now a days.  Yet I'm still looking forward to Captain America in theaters!!

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papa zero said...

The transplant of the ruler of Wakanda (if my memory serves me) to Hell's Kitchen seems unlikely. There does seem to be enough about him to write interesting stories but this feels more like a strategy to "position" Daredevil and give a second stringer a moment to shine. I don't think it is necessarily a bad idea - it just needs to be well executed.