Monday, October 11, 2010

The DVD Update

Welcome to this week's edition of The DVD Update.  Not a lot of big announcements but I do have some cover art and some release dates for some high profile upcoming Blu-Ray's and DVD's so here you go check it out and decide how to spend your money!

Hard Boiled
In Stores December 14th

John Woo's action classic finally hits Blu-Ray.  I actually own the DVD of this same version and the transfer was the best the movie has ever looked so I imagine on Blu-Ray it will look even better.  If you have never seen this and you love action movies then you are missing out.  America owes a lot to this film and Woo's other classic, The Killer, which is already available on Blu-Ray.
The Expendables
In Stores November 23rd

Sly Stallone's balls to the walls action flick hits this November.  As hyped as this was, I don't know anyone who saw it but I'm sure it will hit huge for home viewing!  It's loaded with extras and a sequel is already int he works so check out the original when it hits stores!

Shrek The Whole Story
In Stores December 7th

This includes all four Shrek movies in high definition for home viewing!
Shrek Forever After
In Stores December 7th

The "final Chapter" of Shrek hits stores just before the holidays so you can put it under the kiddos Christmas Trees.  I quoted final chapter because this one made a bunch of money too so don't be surprised if they make another one!

Last but not least this is the trailer for the Avatar Extended Edition DVD.  Avatar is a love it or hate it movie it seems, but a lot of people loved it and it made a lot of money.  I enjoyed the movie and even at home I liked it just as much and may have to double dip this one to see what James Cameron added back in to it!

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