Friday, October 22, 2010

Norrington Off Crow Remake

The Crow is one of my all time favorite graphic novels and the 1994 film starring Brandon Lee is still to this day one of my favorite comic adaptions and films period.  So a remake of The Crow is right up their with remaking Star Wars or Indiana Jones.  You just don't do it!!  Last year a remake/re-imagining project began to take shape with Stephen Norrington on board as director.  He saw it as a hyper realistic take on the story of Eric Draven, all though many rumors said the character wasn't even named Eric Draven at all.  The script had been written by Norrington and Nick Cave.  In the last few days rumors have circulated that Mark Walhberg had been offered the role.  Ok not the worst choice but not the best either.  Now suddenly Norrington is off the project completely.  He has said that an unnamed star was anxious to work with him but didn't like the script and demand a rewrite.  So Norrington is moving on.  There is no indication given that it was because of Walhberg but either way it's over for him.  Personally I hope this project dies completely. They already made absolutely horrible sequels and a remake of this film is totally unnecessary.  Hollywood really is running out of ideas.

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