Monday, October 4, 2010

Zach Snyder To Direct Superman

It seems all but confirmed that that 300 & Watchmen director Zack Snyder,  will helm the return of the last son of Krypton,.  “I feel awesome-I feel super awesome.” Snyder said earlier today. “I can’t say why they came to me other than the fact that they know I have a fondness for the character and a real desire to understand him and present him to a new audience,” Synder said.
     “The challenge is huge but you know with Chris and Emma and Debbie I have a lot of people I can rely on. And Chris and David have given this the shape with a great story. It is a hard character to crack."
      Snyder says he met with Nolan at ShoWest in Las Vegas in March and their conversations about the possibilities of the Superman revival gathered momentum through the months. The film will be produced by Christopher Nolan, the script is written David Goyer, which is rumored to have, like Superman Returns, a Richard Donner connection and a possible villain connection in General Zod. Expect to see Superman fly back into theaters in 2012!

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