Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA!! Comics Of The Week

Here's the cool swag that is in your comic book store tomorrow!  Brightest Day is apparently running at least 16 issues now it seems and Bruce Wayne is almost back!

Brightest Day #12

Written By Geoff Johns & Peter J. Tomasi
Art By Ivan Reis, Pat Gleason Ardian Syaf, Scott Clark, & Joe Prado

Don't miss the hottest event in comics as the biweekly Brightest Day continues with the return of the Black Lanterns! Has time run out for our resurrected heroes? Plus, you must not miss the stunning origin of the new Aqualad, the battle between Aquaman and Black Manta, and the bizarre journey of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond as they delve into the inner workings of the Firestorm matrix and uncover its secret! 

 Carnage #1

Written By Zeb Wells
Art By Clayton Crain
Carnage Is Back! The fan-favorite villain returns to rock the Marvel Universe with the Amazing Spider-Man and the Invincible Iron Man first on his hit list. But just why — and how — has Carnage returned, and how many of Marvel's heroes will it take to stop him? Superstar creators Zeb Wells (Amazing Spider-Man, New Mutants) and Clayton Crain (Ghost Rider, X-Force) team up for the Spider-Man epic that'll leave jaws on the floor! Literally! 


Kick-Ass 2 #1

Written By Mark Millar
Art By John Romita Jr

The sequel to the New York Times best-selling comic--which spawned the hit movie--continues! When Dave Lizewski put on his mask and became Kick-Ass, he never imagined things would go this far. Now Dave comes face-to-face with a world he helped bring about, as his dreams of a world of superheroes come true...but will those dreams turn to nightmares? Don't miss the comic book event of the year! Plus: Hit-Girl!

Batman & Robin #15

Written By Grant Morrison
Art By Frazer Irving

In the final chapter of "Batman Must Die," all is lost and everything has gone to pieces! Is Dick Grayson alive? Will Damian make a pact with the devil? And what will happen after the final confrontation with Dr. Hurt?

Night Of The Living Dead #1

Written By Mike Wolfer, John Russo
Art By Tomas Aira
Fans have demanded it, the most unprecedented and horrifying night in American history continues as the next chapter of Night of the Living Dead is revealed at last! Set on that fateful evening in 1968, shocking reports from rural areas continue to flood the airwaves with accounts of the recently deceased rising up to kill the living. Now government officials begin counter-measures to calm an increasingly panic-stricken public. Questioning whether or not the unbelievable stories are truth or simply an elaborate hoax perpetrated by militants opposed to the Vietnam War, the attention of the nation's Capitol is focused on a threat more believable, as thousands of protesters converge on Capitol Hill to voice their opposition to the War. But with National Guard forces spread impossibly-thin to deal with civil unrest, Washington D.C. is completely unprepared for an event that will forever change the course of the country, and perhaps the world, as an unstoppable army of the undead begins to flood the city, bringing their blood-thirsty reign of terror to the very steps of the White House!

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