Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Speedy Updates Flash Style

The comic book movie world is swirling the last few days with all kinds of rumors, stories and such all coming out so here's a few quick hits!

-- Transformers 3's rumored title is The Dark Of The Moon, based n domain registration and books listed at Amazon.  What does it mean?  Who knows but let's hope it doesn't suck as bad as Revenge of The Fallen did.

-- Darren Aronosfky is said t be seriously considering helming Wolverine 2 now.  Apparently he was even the studio's first choice for Superman but since the Superman script needs some work, they hired Zach Snyder instead who can move the project quicker than Aronsfky.

-- Emma Stone has been cast as Gwen Stacey int he upcoming Spider-man reboot.  She's a good choice but I almost think she would have made a better Mary Jane.

--  Last but not least the rumored start date for the filming of Batman 3 is April and may shoot in New Orleans.

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