Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Force Is With These Deleted Scenes

As the internet has been stirring about the Star Wars Blu-Ray announcement and fan boys every where are drooling on their keyboards over the missing Jedi scene that hit the net, it made me start thinking what else we might see on these discs when they are released next fall.  Personally I'd like to see everything we can get but when it comes to deleted scenes, at least we may get some of the most famous ones on the extra features discs that have just been seen as still photos all these years or on the Behind The Magic CD-ROM.  Here's just a few I hope make the cut:

Luke Watching Space Battle And The Biggs Scene

Star Wars most famous deleted scenes include Luke looking into space and seeing the battle would be a cool scene to have and it adds to the young farm boy who seeks to be a space pilot attitude of Luke as he longs to be up there in space doing what he is watching.  The Biggs scene just makes sense to include since it's one of the most famous cut scenes of the trilogy with people swearing they saw the scene in an original cut, but no they didn't.  They saw it in the story books and other Star Wars books of the time!

The Wampa Attack & C3PO & Artoo's Wampa Plan

Empire Strikes Back's most famous deleted scene includes Wampa's getting loose during the battle of Hoth and attacking Rebel and Imperial troopers.  C3PO and Artoo even have a master plan of pulling the warning sign off the door so that the Imperial troops go in the door and get attacked by the creatures!  Portions of this scene were shown in early Empire movie trailers! 

The Tattoine Sandstorm

Return Of The Jedi's most famous deleted scene other than the one that recently set the internet on fire, is the sandstorm!  This scene took place after the rescue of Han Solo as they get back to the Millenium FAlcon and part ways for the rendezvous later. There was even a Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Chewbacca  figures released recently based on the deleted scene!

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papa zero said...

I can understand why they cut the lightsaber scene from Jedi - since it would have made Luke look like an idiot for going with the team to Endor's moon knowing that he and Vader were empathically connected...

Some of the pictures from the deleted scenes were featured in the trading cards...

Looking forward to seeing the Wampas attack!