Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SWAGAPALOOZA!! Comics Of The Week!

Ok so I renamed the comic picks Swagalooza.  Too much? Good? Really lame? Ah well it works for now!! So there's some of the books you will find in stores tomorrow and I lok to expand this column to other comic store swag soon!!!!

Five Days To Die #1

Written By Andy Schmidt
Art By Chee 

An action comic in the vein of 24 or a jason Statham movie Five Days To Die is about Ray Crisara, a tough cop who's survived a terrible car accident, discovers his wife is dead and his daughter is in critical condition.
Believing this was a planned hit by the city's drug lord he's been pursuing, Ray's brain injury leaves him five days before he dies to either track the killer, or be there for his little girl. Ray's clock is ticking!

 Wolverine #1
Written By Jason Aaron
Art By Renato Guedes
Cover by Jae Lee

Acclaimed author Jason Aaron and superstar artist Renato Guedes launch an all-new ongoing Wolverine series as Wolverine goes to hell…literally! Someone's out to destroy Wolverine-permanently, and they may have succeeded. But if Wolverine's soul is in hell, how is his body terrorizing those closest to him?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #36

Written By Joss WhedonArt By Georges Jeanty, Andy Owens, & Michelle Madsen
Covers by Jo Chen & Georges Jeanty 

The Big Bad-Twilight finally stands revealed, and it's tearing the Scoobies apart, testing the limits of their friendship. Seems like a perfect time for Spike to come back.
Joss Whedon writes the final five issues of Buffy Season 8, taking his greatest characters to places only he can take them! Teamed with series artist Georges Jeanty, Joss counts down to the biggest Buffy final ever-and it starts right here!

This Conan statue hits stores this week also.  I don't know much about it except Diamon Comics was showing it off.  As I research more I look to expand the comic picks to include weekly swag found in stores!!!

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