Friday, August 13, 2010


     Welcome to the Official Blog Of Comicpalooza!!  With the official launch of the blog I thought I'd take this time for a brief introduction and welcome.  By now if you are visiting this you know what Comicpalooza is so I won't go into detail.  But in a nutshell just in case you don't know, it's a giant convention of geek stuff!! Comics, art, toys, movies, fantasy, gaming, and all sorts of other fun!!  It will be taking place May 27 through 29, 2011 at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas!!
     Well what is the purpose of the Comicpalooza blog?  Well as I write this I'm not even sure!  I have an idea and as I go along perhaps and readers leave comments and such, it will find an exact purpose and direction!  But I do have a general idea of what it is!  At the Comicpalooza Blog I hope to bring you the latest going on's in comics, sci fi, fantasy, toys, gaming, and much more the best I can so that you can just come to and find out everything you need to know as we move closer to May and beyond!
     So who am I?  My name is Mark and I will be your fearless blog commander and I shall rule the ship here!  Muwahahahaha!  Anyone who doesn't obey thy bidding will have their ISP attacked by Cylons!  And not the hot looking Tricia Helfer looking ones!  The evil mean robot ones!!  Wait a minute......the hot ones were evil too?? Dangit!
      Seriously though, I am Mark and turns out I went to school with some of the guys in charge of Comicpalooza and now I'm invloved and it should be a  pretty cool fun thing!  So I will do my best to bring you the latest and greatest news in the world of geekdom and feel free to contribute with comments, emails, etc!!  Thanks and enjoy the ride!
I'm Watching You!

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