Sunday, August 15, 2010

Star Wars On Blu Ray Finally!

The most amazing space saga of all time, Star Wars, is coming to Blu-Ray finally in 2011!  The release is expected to include all six films, with the original films being the 1997 Special Editions, which were actually tweaked again for the DVD release in 2004.  The original films from 1977, 1981, and 1983 are not being released at this time, but it's what Lucas considers the definitive versions of the films so that's what he wants and that's ok with me!  I actually like the special editions, except for Greedo shooting first!  Lucas promises never before deleted scenes as bonus features on the discs.  Maybe we will see Luke on Tattoine with his friends, the famous Wampa room in Empire, or Luke building his green Lightsaber!  Oh wait, that one we will see which is confirmed already at Celebration V this past weekend.  The clip has hit you tube already and you can watch it below!!  So the original trilogy and the prequels are hitting Blu Ray Disc in 2011!! Let the force be with us in high definition!!

Note:  You Tube's Embeds have been messing up so you might have to hit the link to you tube to watch this!


Anonymous said...

I have to admit getting goosebumps seeing that deleted scene even after all these years.

Anonymous said...


As with the dvd releases, there's really no excuse for Lucas to not include the original versions of Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi on this release. It's not like the different versions won't fit on a Blu-Ray disc. It's simply a way to force the hardcore Star Wars geeks to double-dip for the third or fourth time in the last 20 years when he finally does put out the originals on Blu-Ray.